Browser FPS Brave Arms Beta Sign-up Begins

Posted February 4, 2010  

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Brave Arms

3G Studios today announced their first browser FPS, Brave Arms. The game will initially be available exclusively on Facebook as the social networking site’s first “social shooter”. 3G Studios has developed several top-selling titles and will be taking the world of social games to a whole new level by launching a new video game franchise worldwide on the largest social networking websites.

3G Studios brings to the Facebook Platform production processes that are used in retail video games for high end PC’s, Microsoft Xbox 360®, Playstation® 3, iPhone®, and other mobile and handheld gaming devices. 3G Studios is utilizing its own proprietary cross-platform technology and tools as well as its proven design practices.

“Our new title, Brave Arms, will bring First-Person Shooter games to the masses,” said James Kosta, 3G Studios’ Chief Executive Officer, “It’s about fast-paced action and either competing against or forming teams with your friends. We want people to feel empowered and to share in a real video game experience.” The public is being invited to reserve their chosen name for the upcoming Public Beta of the game at

  • JoshuaBojangles

    So using the assumption that most browser FPS…how to put this lightlyyyy…suck ass…and then throwing Facebook into that pile of ass sucking…you definitely dont have a recipe for success…obviously "giving FPS to the masses" is a novel, and perhaps, noble idea…this game will probably lose very large hardcore shooter fanbase…leaving you with a game full of simpletons who dont know a headshot from and ass shot. Also sending the masses a browser FPS to represent the whole genre to them? Most browser FPS arent well put together or easy on the eyes,while this doesnt always mean they arent fun, its safe to say with well oiled titles out there like wolfteam, parrabellum, and karma on the free side and console titles like MW2 and MAG..these broswer titles arent a great representation of the genre…but on a more positiive note…i do plan to play Brave Arms(already reserved my name "BloodAnus")…and i do have high hopes…the screen shown looks beautiful and as long as they can supply a solid framerate and fluid and logical gameplay…i think we might have one hell of a game on our hands.

    • Your MOM FAGLET!


  • ROW

    Facebook gamers are too busy trying to get their pets in pet society to poo the golden p00000 then to bother with this 'FPS' shit.

  • Wow…..This totally looks like a client based game…Not necessary a good thing for the impatient casual masses.

  • I will admittedly try this out, but I have a feeling it isn't going to work out well at all. As said before browser based FPS games are HORRIBLE and so are all Facebook games. So far the screenshots look nice, but we'll see soon :/

  • nebula

    Bold move, this game will definitely make Facebook history (before it becomes history).

  • Bruno

    This doesnt look like your average facebook game at all! those guys have really outdone themselves on this one. 😀

  • dan

    first time i heard of the term browser games i first thought the point of browser games is to be light light and able to be played anywhere but when nice looki-no wait decent looking games require downloads my dreams were broken

  • Pie

    Seems like a good idea, and the graphics seem nice, but that leeds me to question – How easily will this game start? E.g: will it take longer than a psp to load, or will you need to download a ton of plugings and crap that rather than leaving the game as 'browser based', turn it into 'browser executed' but 'add-on played'.

  • Whathafawk

    you need to install plugins…

    and, dont play browser fps, the game is almost 3 secs in the past ex:
    i jump,
    the other player sees me jump 3 secs after (a bit exagerated)
    ye, dont play these XD

  • The Observant

    Haters below. * Points at the fags*
    -_- Why put it on facebook? That's where the creepers live!

  • lol

    what is the site to play?

  • Big Daddy

    best game fps for browser