Dragomon Hunter Closed Beta Begins October 15

Posted September 25, 2015  

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Dragomon Hunter Closed Beta Begins Next Month

Founder’s packs now available.

Aeria Games has announced the closed beta date for its monster hunting MMORPG Dragomon Hunter. The game will enter closed beta testing on October 15, 2015.

The publisher has also announced the availability of the game’s founder’s packs, which players can buy to support the game and get guaranteed access to the closed beta. Here’s what each pack contains:

Starter Pack ($19.99)
A great set of essentials for any serious Hunter, including guaranteed access to the Closed Beta.

Into The Wild Collection ($49.99)
Adventurous Hunters can tame their way into Dragomon history with the unique Fire Ringoon and other kawaii Dragomon.

Royal Apparel Set ($49.99)
Some players command great skill as Dragomon Hunters, but they have to look the part of an elite adventurer too! This set includes charming Victorian-inspired garb to elevate players’ elegance.

Dynamic Duo Pack ($49.99)
Hunters are only as strong as their companions, and with the Fae companion Pandora, Founding players become a real force of nature to be reckoned with.

The Ultimate Hunter’s Pack ($299.99)
Elite Hunters can gear up and get ready for the ultimate start to their adventures with the Founder’s Golden Sharkicane’s Reins and other exclusive items.

To sign up for the closed beta, head over to http://dragomonhunter.aeriagames.com