Dragon Nest SEA Open Beta Begins Today

Posted August 15, 2011  


Dragon Nest

Open beta introduces guild system, trading house, affinity system and cash shop.

Following last month’s brief closed beta, Dragon Nest SEA’s going into open beta later today at 2:00 PM GMT+8 (which is around two hours from now). The open beta will bring along several new features like the guild system, trading house, affinity system and cash shop.

The open beta client is available for download at http://dn.cherrycredits.com/download.php. For those who already have the closed beta client installed, you just need to patch it to the latest version.

Published by Shanda Games International (via Cherry Credits), Dragon Nest SEA is the Southeast Asian version of Eyedentity Games’ action MMO Dragon Nest. Cherry Credits’ version is technically not region locked, but for better latency, gamers in North America and Oceania are encouraged to check out Nexon’s version instead, which went into open beta earlier last month.

For more information on Dragon Nest SEA’s open beta, check out the official announcement.

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  • Adam

    Pssh …. so much for US, Canada, Australia and half of the other main countries … ya can't play lol … bs

    • NecroWarrior

      What do you mean you "can't play"? There's no ip block and if you're in North America or AUstrailia you can still play Nexon's Dragon Nest.

  • Cody

    says its not region locked.

  • Kakuri

    And for better latency the nexon version is also on open beta stage.

  • Porpeta

    Go play DN cherry

  • Porpeta
  • Yuzo

    i cant make cherry account plz help

  • stick

    damn cant play ,pls fix the registration site

  • powerhit

    "unable to connect to the log in server", plss help =(