Earthrise to Go Free-to-Play Next Year

Posted November 16, 2011  

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Post-apocalyptic MMORPG prepares for free-to-play relaunch.

Earthrise developer Masthead Stuidos announced on Tuesday that it’s waiving Earthrise’s subscription fees on December 1, 2011, in preparation for Earthrise’s transition into Free-to-Play early next year.

Players who already bought the game will be able to play the game without paying a monthly subscription fee starting December 1, and new players can join the game on an invitation basis prior to the Free-to-Play relaunch.

“We decided to let all our players unlimited gaming experience until we all are satisfied with the experience in our game,” said Masthead Studios CEO Atanas Atanasov.

“At the moment Earthrise features one of the best visuals, content, and gameplay of all sci-fi MMOs on the market. However it is missing polish and has annoyances that spoil the fun in the game. We are learning from our experience and that is why we will remove monthly charges until we bring the game to a quality state that is satisfactory to us and our players.”

“The free-to-play model will offer convenience for players, it will not be ‘pay to win’ with items that ruin the balance of the game.” Atanasov assured fans.

Released earlier this year, Earthrise is a sandbox sci-fi MMORPG developed by Masthead Studios and published by Interplay. The pair is also working on a Fallout MMO using Masthead’s proprietary Earthrise Engine.

For more information on Earthrise, check out the official website.

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