Firefall to Launch In December

Posted August 3, 2011  

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Sci-fi shooter from Tribes designer gears up for launch.

Firefall will be gracing PCs this December, MMO Culture reported, citing an interview with Red 5 CEO Mark Kern during ChinaJoy 2011. The interview also states that the game is nearing completion, with PvE content at 75%, map development at 90% and overall progress at over 50%.

Announced last September, Firefall is a free-to-play sci-fi shooter from Red 5 Studios featuring Tribes-style gameplay and an art style that somewhat resembles Borderlands.

And speaking of Tribes, Tribes Universe‘s development is well underway and Tribes: Ascend is having its closed beta sometime this month. Firefall’s beta test probably won’t be far behind. Hopefully we’ll get to try our hand at the game soon.

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  • Reverendum

    Awesome news!!
    Hopefully the game will be as good, as the hype has suggested!

  • GoodOlPie