Hawken Coming to Steam Soon

Posted February 6, 2014  

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Hawken Coming to Steam Soon

Mech shooter will transition to Steam prior to full release.

Adhesive Games announced that Hawken is approaching full release soon and the game will make the transition to Steam prior to that.

The developer is already sending out Steam codes to select players, and by February 11th, every Hawken player should have a Steam invite.

1. From this point forward, a Steam account will be required to play HAWKEN. HAWKEN will no longer be playable using the existing launcher and the game will only be accessible through Steam.

2. Over the next 7 days, we’ll be granting current pilots immediate access before new pilots can obtain HAWKEN via the Steam store. Read more about this process in our Steam Transition Guide.

3. Once you have the game downloaded on Steam, you will be able to play the latest version of HAWKEN, i.e. our February Update. This patch will be missing some core content and you may run into some of our QA testers still working on final polish. Right now, we’re aiming for a formal release of the update in the next couple of weeks.

4. New account creation is being disabled until the full February release.

You can find out more about the Steam launch here.

  • Viktor Vedmak

    Actually they are converting to STEAM ONLY. Meaning if you do not use Steam, you can no longer play Hawken. Its utter BS. I do use Steam, but i prefer not to. So this is NOT a good move.

    • Iskavan

      I hate steam, but its not that bad. I mean i wouldnt mind.

      • Brandon Heat

        why do you hate steam? it comes in advertisements and tries to install itself on your machine? its malware? you need to have it installed your computer at all times?