Huxley: The Dystopia Returns to Webzen Hands

Posted August 28, 2010  

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Huxley Webzen

Huxley: The Dystopia may be making a comeback after the endless stream of launch delays since its E3 debut in 2005. In an unexpected move, the international publisher of Huxley: The Dystopia, NHN USA (owner of ijji) announced that they will be transferring the game’s publishing chores to developer Webzen. Webzen and NHN USA are internal divisions of the same parent company NHN Corporation.

Here’s the full announcement:

“NHN USA has agreed to transfer future international publishing plans of Huxley: The Dystopia back to its developer, Webzen. Both NHN USA and Webzen are internal divisions of NHN Corporation, and Webzen is currently revamping their international publishing platform.

As part of this new global program, Webzen intends to self-publish Huxley. Our team at NHN USA fully support this decision after serious internal discussions between both divisions.

NHN USA will continue to work with Webzen on current and future publishing projects and expects great success for Huxley as a global product.

We are excited to move forward with other fun games in development and production for, and believe our current and future titles will continue to prove is a premier online destination for hardcore gamers.

NHN USA wants to assure its community that G Coin Cards branded with Huxley imaging will remain valid as long as they’re purchased through an authorized retailer.

NHN USA also appreciates the hard work and talent of the Webzen development teams. We will continue to work with Webzen on other titles. We also remain, like many gamers, appreciative of the high quality and fun games created with the Unreal Engine 3, as noted with our popular multiplayer online FPS, Alliance of Valiant Arms.”

To find out more about the transfer, check out the official forum announcement at
  • bout friggin time this game got rollin again

    • NathLines

      Here, here. It's been freakin' ages.

  • mujen

    this game is a myth…

    • jorma

      i agree been waiting for this forever

  • NeoMotto95

    FINALLY! it was like a year

  • meis

    can i fucking play this game already?

  • solrac

    omg does huxley have ANY forums? i'm desperate to post something in a Huxley forum!

  • Hypherius

    Huxley is dead… I mean, seriously. Cant find it at Webzen, cant find it anywhere.

    • Hellzsaint

      So where is it?