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GameTags: nexon, boss key productions, lobby-based, sci-fi, first-person shooter

Info: LawBreakers is a competitive team-based FPS set in an alternate future in which the world has been divided into two factions following a huge cataclysmic event known as “The Shattering” that changed the earth’s gravity forever.

After the catastrophe, the world recovered and ushered in a new age technological advancements providing gravity manipulation and supplement use that grants near-superhuman abilities. Now, the new technology rages and two forces fight for control; a peacekeeping organization charged with upholding the law, and a highly-organized crime syndicate bent on breaking it. Players will be asked to choose a side – it’s LAW versus BREAKERS.

Model: B2P
Status: Closed Beta [ TBA ]
Subgenre: FPS
Estimated Download: n/a

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Version: International
Developer: Boss Key Productions
Publisher: Nexon
Release Date(s): Closed Beta – n/a | Open Beta – n/a | Launch – n/a
Language(s): English
Platform(s): PC
System Requirements: n/a

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