Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of Orta Q&A

Posted on November 21, 2011  

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Lime Odyssey
I recently had the chance to interview Aeria Games’ release assistant Kevin Simmons on Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of Orta. In the interview Kevin Simmons shares his thoughts on what makes Lime Odyssey stand out and a few other things. Hop on after the cut to read the full interview.

MMOFRONT: Can you give us a quick overview of Lime Odyssey?
Kevin: Lime Odyssey is the biggest upcoming MMO for Aeria Games, and perhaps its most anticipated of all time. This game is being created by developers who have had their hands in one of the staples of the genre (Ragnarok Online), and are coming back to deliver a new soon-to-be classic title.

The world of lime Odyssey is a fantastical world with heavily stylized settings. You will not find generic monsters and castles here – everything looks artistic and awesome. The backdrop is a world once overrun with magic that has now become deprived and trying to survive and build into its former self.

The gameplay of lime involves tons of voiceover dialog, players handling both a battle class and a life class to experience a full adventure experience. There are four starting races, each with a wildly different backstory and environment.

Lime Odyssey

MMOFRONT: What do you think differentiates Lime Odyssey from other free MMORPGs?
Kevin: A few of the standout characteristics in Lime Odyssey are the dual class system where every player has a combat class and a life class, which leads into the crafting system in game, which is much more emphasized than in your average MMO. Every player is encouraged to focus on crafting as much as questing. However, the first thing a player will notice is Lime’s unique visual style and amazing polish.

MMOFRONT: There are some rumors going around about how Lime Odyssey is made by the developers behind Ragnarok Online. Can you confirm if this is true?
Kevin: Yes, the studio that is developing Lime Odyssey, Sirius Entertainment, contains many of the developers from the original Ragnarok Online. While this game differs from the long standing classic in many ways, it is also easy to see the RO DNA in this game.

MMOFRONT: I see that there are three races in the game, what are the major differences between them?
Kevin: The major differences between the races are the starting zone they spend early game in. While you can switch over to another races zone to play with your friends, each race has a starting zone tailored to them and their backstory – and they vary pretty greatly. There are no specific race traits or race attributes.

Lime Odyssey

MMOFRONT: So far we know that there are four base classes – Warrior, Mage, Cleric and Theif. Are there any advanced classes planned? If yes, can you tell us something about them?
Kevin: We can’t divulge too many details about the planned expansions, but I can say that more classes are definitely on the way. Especially for the professions.

MMOFRONT: Lime Odyssey has an interesting backstory. How will that translate into the game?
Kevin: The backstory of Lime Odyssey will weave in an out of the quests you complete them but it is always present in the dialog and character of the NPC’s. It is relevant to everyone you interact with in one way or another, and you will always feel propelled forward by the storyline.

MMOFRONT: Crafting seems to play a huge role in Lime Odyssey, as there’s a whole range of classes dedicated to crafting. Can you tell us a little more about these Trade Classes?
Kevin: There are three main Trade Classes: Blacksmith, Tailor and Chef.

The blacksmith makes weapons for all classes, as well as shields and heavy armor. Later in the game, the blacksmith can choose to focus on weapons or armor.

The tailor creates armor for the thief, cleric, and mage. For the late game, tailors can focus on leather for the thief, or cloth for the magic classes.

The chef is the most universal class, and it creates potions and food that are much needed for questing and dungeons. They have the choice of specializing in cooking healthy meals or boost potions.

Unlike other most other MMO’s crafting is as important as combat and each trade class has its own plot and quests and its own gear for the player to earn – which helps with further crafting.

MMOFRONT: I’ve seen something akin to a pet raising simulation in the Korean beta. Could you tell us about the pets and mounts in the game?
Kevin: In Lime Odyssey you can get pet eggs from various sources. Once you hatch them, you have a loyal and useful companion. Pets will follow you around and each one provides a different ability to help you out – including in battle!

As for mounts, every race has a mount that they get early game so nobody is left out. However there is a wide variety of bizarre and fanciful mounts that can be earned throughout the game –including an underwater seahorse mount.

Lime Odyssey

MMOFRONT: There are some life simulation elements in the game, where you get to manage crops and animals in a farm a la Harvest Moon. Can you give us some details about that?
Kevin: Farming is a fun way to get extra resources for your character in Lime Odyssey. You can raise various plants and animals – and you ultimately have the choice of harvesting them for goods.

Raising an animal or plant in a farm consists of feeding, playing, or healing your target based on its current status. If you keep them happy, they will level and grow larger – but each one has a set lifespan so if you don’t focus you may not level you creature in time!

MMOFRONT: Where do you see Lime Odyssey in 5 years’ time?
Kevin: One of the most amazing things about Ragnarok Online is how long it was able to survive and grow. In 5 years, we would expect more than an entire game’s worth of new content and an expansive community over multiple servers of long time vets and new player alike. Lime Odyssey is one of the best looking online games I have laid hands on and I expect many to agree with me.

MMOFRONT: When is the closed beta?
Kevin: We’re still narrowing down the best time and date which will ensure our testers get a stable, more polished client, free of glitches and bugs that block the gameplay experience.

Lime Odyssey

MMOFRONT: Is there anything you’d like to add before we conclude?
Kevin: We’re delighted to bring this highly anticipated MMORPG to North America! We encourage anyone interested in signing up to be a closed beta tester to visit the Lime Odyssey website: