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Battle Champs

Added March 21, 2016  

Added Under MOBILE, STRATEGY | International | Live: March 7, 2016
Battle Champs
GameTags: cygames, blaze games, instance-based, steampunk, anime, city building, real-time strategy

Info: Battle Champs is a city-building online strategy game developed by BlazeGames. In the game, players command and customize their own airships with the help of master alchemist Nia Liddell. The ships are packed with champs, big-hearted creatures that battle on behalf of players. Champs can be pooled between players to combat gargantuan foes, or pitted against each other in an action-packed tug-of-war for resources. Once champs have enough battle experience, they can morph into powerful and visually striking new forms.