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Command & Conquer – Free-to-Play

Added January 24, 2013  

Added Under STRATEGY | International | Discontinued
# PC
Command & Conquer - Free-to-Play
GameTags: victory games, ea, lobby-based, sci-fi, military, real-time strategy

Info: Command & Conquer is a free-to-play multiplayer online RTS developed by Victory Games using the Frostbite 2 engine. The game is a free-to-play reboot of the 1995 classic RTS game of the same name, and will feature content from games in the C&C series, starting with C&C: Generals, and continuing with C&C: Red Alert, C&C: Tiberium and more.

Scarlet Blade

Added January 3, 2013  

Added Under MMORPG | International | Discontinued: March 31, 2016
# PC
Scarlet Blade
GameTags: aeria games, liveplex, open world, sci-fi, crpg

Info: Scarlet Blade is a sci-fi MMORPG developed by LivePlex. The game is set in a futuristic sci-fi world under threat from mysterious invaders, where humanity’s only hope lies in a group of genetically enhanced women known as the Scarlet Blades. The game features large PvP battlegrounds, hulking mechs, two factions – the Free Knight and Royal Guard, and six classes – Whipper, Defender, Punisher, Sentinel, Medic and ShadowWalker.

District 187: Sin Streets

Added December 26, 2012  

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Discontinued: October 3, 2013
# PC
District 187 Sin Streets
GameTags: netmarble, cj gamelab, lobby-based, modern, first-person shooter

Info: District 187: Sin Streets is a free-to-play FPS developed by CJ GameLab. Set in the late 21st century, in an age of global economy decline, the game pits law enforcers against outlaws in a battle to rule the streets.

Battle for Graxia

Added December 8, 2012  

Added Under STRATEGY | International | Discontinued: June 28, 2013
# PC
Battle for Graxia
GameTags: petroglyph, lobby-based, fantasy, real-time strategy, moba

Info: Battle for Graxia is an MOBA game developed by Petroglyph Games and the sequel to Rise of Immortals. The game features standard 5v5 MOBA matches and blends action RTS gameplay with persistent character progression and a wide range of skill tree customizations.

Dragon’s Prophet

Added October 23, 2012  

Added Under ACTION, MMORPG | NA, EU | Discontinued: November 16, 2015
# PC
Dragons Prophet
GameTags: soe, infernum, runewaker, open-world, medieval, fantasy, action rpg

Info: Dragon’s Prophet is a free-to-play fantasy action MMORPG developed by Runewaker Entertainment. The game is set in the world of Auratia, a land where dragons and humans co-exist.

AFO – Absolute Force Online

Added October 12, 2012  

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Discontinued: November 29, 2013
# PC
AFO - Absolute Force Online
GameTags: netdragon, tq digital, lobby-based, modern, military, first-person shooter, third-person shooter

Info: Absolute Force Online (AFO) is a free-to-play online shooter developed by TQ Digital using the Unreal Engine 3. The game can be played in first or third person perspective and features 7 game modes, including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Bomb Mode, Arsenal Mode, Vehicle Mode and Zombie Mode.

Wizardry Online

Added October 1, 2012  

Added Under MMORPG | International | Discontinued: July 31, 2014
# PC
Wizardry Online
GameTags: soe, gamepot, headlock, instance-based, medieval, fantasy, crpg

Info: Wizardry Online is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Headlock based on the long-running computer RPG series Wizardry. The game features complex dungeons and hardcore RPG elements that are reminiscent of previous Wizardry games.

Marvel Heroes

Added September 25, 2012  

Added Under ACTION | International | Discontinued: November 27, 2017
# PC
Marvel Heroes
GameTags: marvel, gazillion entertainment, instance-based, modern, superhero, action rpg

Info: Marvel Heroes Online is an action MMO developed by Gazillion Entertainment. The game features Diablo-inspired action-RPG-style gameplay and a huge cast of characters from the Marvel universe.

Born to Fire

Added September 20, 2012  

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Discontinued
# PC
Born to Fire
GameTags: aeria games, funtree, lobby-based, modern, military, first-person shooter

Info: Born to Fire is a class-based multiplayer online FPS developed by Funtree and published by Aeria Games. The game is set in an alternate history where the US and Russia are embroiled in an all-out war following the end of the Cold War.