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Added February 2, 2012  

Added Under STRATEGY, MMORPG | International, SEA | INT Live: February 29, 2012, SEA Live: January 9, 2014
GameTags: ankama, open world, fantasy, anime, turn-based rpg

Info: Wakfu is a turn-based tactical MMORPG developed by Ankama. In the game, players dive into epic adventures with thousands of other gamers from around the world. Armed with weapons and magic, they must carve a path through a cruel, living world either through battle or through politics in a quest to gain control of the islands of Wakfu.

Age of Conan: Unchained

Added January 1, 2012  

Added Under MMORPG | International | Live: May 20, 2008
# PC
Age of Conan: Unchained
GameTags: aeria games, funcom, open world, fantasy, crpg

Info: Age of Conan: Unchained is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Funcom. Based on the world and works of acclaimed author Robert E. Howard, the game sends players into the dark and brutal world of King Conan with thousands of their friends and enemies to live, fight, and explore.


Added October 25, 2011  

Added Under ACTION, MMORPG | NA, EU | Live: November 20, 2012
# PC
GameTags: perfect world entertainment, gameforge, maiet entertainment, instance-based, fantasy, action rpg

Info: RaiderZ is an action MMORPG developed by MAIET Entertainment. The game lets players experience the heart-pounding thrill of monster hunting where the line between hunter and hunted quickly blurs. Track down colossal-sized monsters online in an open world that is as beautiful as it is deadly.

Blacklight Retribution

Added October 23, 2011  

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Live: April 3, 2012
# PC, PS4
Blacklight: Retribution
GameTags: perfect world entertainment, zombie studios, lobby-based, sci-fi, military, first-person shooter

Info: Blacklight Retribution is a fast paced, adrenaline pumping first person shooter based in a futuristic urban warzone. Building upon Zombie Studios’ predecessor, Tango Down, Blacklight Retribution provides FPS enthusiasts with a massive arsenal of weaponry and gear ranging from bleeding edge side arms to massive mechanized Hardsuits.

Added Under SHOOTER | NA, SEA | NA Live: December 1, 2011, SEA Open Beta: March 7, 2012
# PC
GameTags: ogplanet, shanda games, softmax, lobby-based, sci-fi, anime, third-person shooter

Info: SDGO – SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online is a free-to-play third-person shooter developed by Softmax based on the Gundam series. The game features fast-paced action, a wide variety of customizable mobile suits, and missions based on scenarios from the Gundam series.

Digimon Masters Online

Added October 15, 2011  

Added Under MMORPG | International | Live: October 25, 2011
# PC
Digimon Masters Online
GameTags: joymax, digitalic, open world, anime, crpg

Info: Digimon Masters Online is an MMORPG developed by Digitalic based on Digimon Data Squad. In the game, you play as one of the three Digimon Tamers and battle for supremacy in a faithfully recreated Digimon universe.

Vindictus XE

Added October 14, 2011  

Added Under ACTION, MMORPG | EU | Live: October 5, 2011
# PC
Vindictus Xtreme
GameTags: nexon, devcat, instance-based, medieval, fantasy, brawler, action rpg

Info: Vindictus XE is a fast-paced action MMORPG developed by devCAT using a modified Source engine. The game features unprecedented freedom of motion, smooth flowing combat, interactive environments, epic boss battles and more.

Iron Grip: Marauders

Added October 12, 2011  

Added Under BROWSER, STRATEGY | International | Live: October 1, 2011
Iron Grip Marauders
GameTags: isotx, lobby-based, steampunk, turn-based strategy

Info: Iron Grip: Marauders is an online turn-based strategy from ISOTX. The game is set in the fictional country of Kathos, an aristocratic country caught up in internal conflict. You play as a captain of a horde of airship-borne raiders, roaming the vast regions of Kathos in search of good smuggling opportunities and wealthy targets to raid.

Lineage II

Added October 12, 2011  

Added Under MMORPG | NA, EU | Live: April 27, 2004
# PC
Lineage II
GameTags: ncsoft, innova, open world, fantasy, anime, crpg

Info: Lineage II is a fantasy MMORPG from NCSoft. In the game, you create your character from a range of races, from dwarves to dark elves, and enter into a hectic and thrilling world of PvP combat. Clans will form alliances with other clans, and as quickly break them to further their own ends. Play the bad guy for too long, however, and you may find yourself exposed by the innovative Karma system.