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Posted on October 22, 2013  

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MU Giveaway
[ CLOSED ] Halloween is just around the corner and MU players will be happy to know that we’re celebrating the festivities with a giveaway event. Webzen, MMOFRONT and a number of other gaming sites have teamed up to host a MU Trick or Treat event, where participants stand to win fabulous in-game items by collecting five candy codes. Read on to find out how you can take part in the event.

Update: The giveaway has ended.

Jawbreaker Candy Code

First, grab the Jawbreaker Candy Code here. You need four more candy codes — Chocolate, Lollipop, Bubblegum and Taffy — to unlock the following prizes:
• Oak Charm (1 Day)
• Ruby Ring (1 Day)
• Emerald Necklace (1 Day)
• Elite Healing Potion x 10
• Elite Mana Potion x 10

You can find out where to get the other codes on the MU Online Facebook page. Once you’ve collected all FIVE codes, head back to the Facebook page and click on the “Trick or Treat” event tab to redeem your codes. Rewards will be distributed after the event ends.

– The Trick or Treat event runs from October 22 at 11 AM GST to November 1 at 5 PM GST.
– Players must have all five candy codes (Jawbreaker, Chocolate, Lollipop, Bubblegum and Taffy) in order to qualify.
– Only one set of items will be rewarded to each account.
– This promotion will end before November 1 if all keys have been claimed.
– Visit the MU Online website for more information on the event.
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