Non-Targeting Action MMORPG Last Online Getting European and North American Release

Posted January 28, 2010  

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Last Online International

Eden Entertainment recently signed a distribution agreement with gamigo AG, giving gamigo AG the rights to publish its action-packed, non-targeting combat system based MMORPG Last Online in Europe and North America.

The contract was signed at the Games Convention Online, with the backing of the Korea Creative Content Agency, Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency and Seoul Business Agency. Very little about the game has been revealed so far, but I’ll keep you posted if anything comes up.

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  • jiggy

    wow gamigo actually chose a good game this time!

  • Gamigo's been busy it seems~

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  • gae blog

    DMC clone

  • Gamer

    This is actually the best game ive ever seen.not like those click things. gunz is good but it lacks skills.but this is just fantastic!

  • NeoMotto95

    this game looks like it'll kick ass. i wonder how the multiplayer and servers will work though. it would be annoying to play with a few thousand on the same map. it'll eventually happen once the game first comes out.

    • GizmoTheWicked

      like most non targeting games/real time combat phase are mostly have an all exploreri ntown and that going in to battlefields aka dungeons like these games most of the time wont have more players then minum one max 4 or 7 depends on how big the party size will be for this game cus if it has ann all out explorer fighting field where everyone is + that it is a non targeting system combat i think it might first:lagg allot 2:ppl complaining alot about ubgs and glitched third of all: crashes probally
      aka as u maybe played or not played D&D online prolly think it will be like that with the battlefield explorer but this is my guesing then wich ithink will be most likely be like that that u can see everyone talk with and stuff intown and when in combat u can have aparty or go solo~ but other then the fact ure next question maybe will be then why are 3d/2d games like dragonica/maplestory well thats becos its in 2d with 3d graphic and besides that tits a sidescroll cuasing it easier to handle but a full 3d graphic/3d envoriment/realtimecombat comparing to a 2d/3d/sidescroll/realtimecombat the full 3d most like seem to be crash faster cus it renders more then a 2d/3dsidescroll thus this is why most sidescrollgames dont need party unles its like a mission dungeon like on dragonica but besides that comparing sidescrollers to up to date games like last online or c9 or mabignogi heroes and if u put those game all out battles with everyone with party's or no party's most likely is asking to fck up youre computer or crash alot rofl and def database crashes i believecus of every account and char that will be created the rendering and shit and blah blah i think you get what im trying to say now xD

      • name

        are you incapable of typing a coherent paragraph?

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