Posted November 9, 2013  

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Heroes of the Storm Beta Sign-Ups Go Live

Blizzard’s MOBA now taking sign-ups for its 2014 beta.

Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA title, has opened sign-ups for an upcoming beta test that’s expected to begin in the first half of 2014.

Posted November 6, 2013  

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Sign Up for the LEGO Minifigures Online Beta

Funcom’s LEGO MMO is accepting beta sign-ups.

Funcom announced on Monday that sign-ups for the LEGO Minifigures Online beta have opened. LEGO fans can now apply for a chance to take part in the closed beta and help shape the upcoming LEGO MMO.

Posted November 5, 2013  

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Hero of the Obelisk Second Closed Beta Starts Today

Servers open at 2PM EST.

The second closed beta test for fantasy MMORPG Hero of the Obelisk will kick off today at 2PM EST, publisher GBE Games has announced.

Posted November 2, 2013  

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Free-to-Play Sandbox MMORPG

Alpha test coming soon.

Bitbox, an independent game developer based in Moscow, is seeking funds through indiegogo to finish its medieval-themed sandbox MMORPG Life is Feudal.

Posted November 1, 2013  

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Heva Clonia Online Launches

OGPlanet’s latest MMORPG now officially launched in North America.

After a brief open beta period, OGPlanet’s latest fantasy MMORPG Heva Clonia Online is now out of beta and officially launched.

Posted October 31, 2013  

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Nether Now Available on Steam Early Access

Survival horror MMOFPS enters closed beta.

Survival horror MMOFPS Nether just hit Steam Early Access, and players interested in trying the game out early can now join the closed beta by pre-purchasing the game through Steam.

Posted October 29, 2013  

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Ubisoft Kicks Fourth Open House Event for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Beta opens from October 28 – November 4 in celebration of Halloween.

Ubisoft is opening up The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot’s closed beta between October 28 and November 4 to celebrate Halloween, so anyone can join without the need for a beta key.

Posted October 26, 2013  

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Command and Conquer Closed Beta Begins in November

Full launch set for February.

EA and Victory Games have revealed that Command & Conquer, their upcoming free-to-play online RTS, is set to begin its first beta test in late November.

Posted October 25, 2013  

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Divine Souls Reworked As A MOBA, Launches Today

Game Prix’s action MMORPG is back as an action-based MOBA.

Developer Game Prix and publisher GamenGame have announced that Divine Souls, the online action RPG/MOBA hybrid, is now open to the public.