Posted May 29, 2013  

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DayZ Standalone's Private Alpha Test Is Underway

Public alpha coming next month.

The private alpha test for the standalone version of DayZ is underway and the development team is still on track for a public alpha release in June, creator Dean “Rocket” Hall has confirmed.

Posted May 28, 2013  

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Stompy Bot Turns to Kickstarter to Fund Heavy Gear Assault

Stompy Bot seeking $800,000 to make F2P mech combat sim a reality.

Stompy Bot Productions launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier last week to bring its Unreal Engine 4-powered free-to-play mech game Heavy Gear Assault to PC, Mac and Linux.

Posted May 25, 2013  

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Merc Elite Closed Beta Underway

Bigpoint’s military MOBA moves into beta phase.

Bigpoint is looking to tap into the lucrative MOBA market with its new military-themed MOBA/top-down shooter hybrid Merc Elite. The game launched its closed beta on Wednesday, joining the likes of Infinite Justice and Dawngate, which also entered closed beta testing earlier this month.

Posted May 24, 2013  

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La Tale Giveaway
[ CLOSED ] La Tale’s Season 2 update STORM recently launched and I have 1000 starter packs for the 2D MMORPG to give away, courtesy of OGPlanet. Want one? Read on.
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Posted May 23, 2013  

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Kings and Legends Announced, Launches May 28

Kings and Legends is an online TCG with MMORPG elements, says GameFuse.

GameFuse has announced Kings and Legends, a new online collectible trading card game with MMORPG elements. The game is coming out next week, on May 28th.

Posted May 22, 2013  

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Dragon's Prophet Open Beta Kicks off May 30

Open beta to launch simultaneously in North America and Europe.

Dragon’s Prophet, the fantasy MMORPG from Runes of Magic developer Runewaker, will head into open beta on May 30th, the game’s European publisher Infernum and North American publisher Sony Online Entertainment have announced.

Posted May 21, 2013  

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Allods Team's Next MMORPG is Skyforge, to be Co-Developed with Obsidian

Allods Online developer joining forces with Obsidian for new MMO.

At the Russian Game Developer’s Conference last week, Allods Online developer Allods Team announced that it’s working with renowned RPG developer Obsidian Entertainment on a new MMORPG called “Skyforge”.

Posted May 18, 2013  

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Legend of Edda: Vengeance Open Beta Gets Underway

Fantasy MMORPG now back in business.

Legend of Edda: Vengeance, the Greek mythology-themed MMORPG from GamesCampus, is now in open beta testing, the publisher has announced.

Posted May 17, 2013  

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EA's Working on a new MOBA Called

Game info leaked ahead of official announcement.

*Update (5/21/13):
EA has officially announced the game and beta kicks off May 24th!

Original article:
EA’s mysterious new studio Waystone, presumably the free-to-play branch of Deadspace developer Visceral Games, is working on an unannounced MOBA game called “Dawngate”.