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Posted December 22, 2011  

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Action MMO closes in on beta.

Webzen’s latest action MMO C9 – Continent of the Ninth Seal is slated to enter its first closed beta in February 2012, the publisher announced today.

Posted December 22, 2011  



Tactical MMORPG opening its doors early next year.

While Wakfu has been in open beta in Europe since April, it’s still stuck in the closed beta phase in North America. The good news is, after much wait, Square Enix has finally announced that it’ll push out the North American open beta on January 4, 2012, along with a new character class update.

Posted December 20, 2011  

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Are you the chosen one?

Frogster has announced that its fantasy MMORPG Eligium: The Chosen One is now in closed beta. The game’s closed beta went live yesterday at 16:00 CET and will run through to January 18, 2012.

Posted December 20, 2011  

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A new chapter in the Star Wars saga unfolds.

In case you missed the news, today is the day SWTOR launches. For those of you who haven’t already pre-ordered SWTOR, the game will be available on store shelves across North America and Europe starting today and also via EA’s Origin store.

Posted December 17, 2011  

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Fantasy MMORPG goes live.

Perfect World Entertainment has announced the official launch of War of the Immortals, following the game’s two-week long open beta. The official launch was pretty seamless and no launch events were announced, but the open beta event, which boasts prizes worth up to $2,500, is still ongoing and will run through the end of December.

Posted December 16, 2011  

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[ CLOSED ] MMOFRONT and Rock Hippo Productions have teamed up to give away 500 in-game Santa Hats for action MMO Brawl Busters! Read on to find out how you can get your hands on one.

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Posted December 15, 2011  

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Fantasy MMORPG goes free-to-play in Europe next February.

NCsoft is on a roll with free-to-play conversions. First City of Heroes, then Lineage II, and now Aion. The publisher announced on Wednesday that its CryEngine-powered fantasy MMORPG will go free-to-play across Europe next February, starting with France, Germany and UK.

Posted December 10, 2011  

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Brawl Busters

Full release coming next Thursday.

Brawl Buster is set to launch on December 15, publisher Rock Hippo has announced. The Skeinglobe-developed action MMO will move into full release next Thursday with new maps, modes, accessories, weapons and more.

Posted December 9, 2011  

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Roll n Rock
[ CLOSED ] Casual browser game Roll n Rock is set to kick off its closed beta on December 13 and I have beta keys for anyone wanting to give this game a roll, courtesy of Aiyou Network Technology. Find out how you can get a beta key after the cut.

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