Posted September 29, 2011  

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Brawl Busters
[ CLOSED ] Brawl Busters’ second closed beta starts today and I’ve got a fresh batch of beta keys ready to send out at your request, so read on to find out how you can get your hands on a beta key!

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Posted September 28, 2011  


Vindictus EU

Pre-launch kicks off; official launch coming soon.

Vindictus Europe’s pre-launch is officially live, Nexon has annouced. The pre-launch, which is another way of saying “open beta”, opens the game up for all gamers in Europe to try out the beat-em-up-ish Xtreme Edition of Vindictus. The pre-launch version of the game includes a number of improvements over the closed beta version, Nexon says.

Posted September 27, 2011  

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War of Immortals

The war of immortals wages on.

If the name of Perfect World Entertainment’s latest MMORPG War of the Immortals sounds familiar to you, it might be because you may have heard of Battle of the Immortals. War of the Immortals is the follow-up to Perfect World’s Battle of the Immortals, a fantasy MMORPG released earlier last year. New and improved, War of the Immortals will continue the immortals saga with destructible environments, vivid landscape and larger scale battles.

Posted September 27, 2011  

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Non-violent MMO ready for prime time.

Glitch, the free-to-play browser MMO from Tiny Speck, has launched, the company announced today. First hit my radar a few months ago, Glitch is an imaginative browser-based MMO designed by a team of talents that comprised of, among others, the creator of Katamari Keita Takahashi and many ex-Flickr employees.

Posted September 26, 2011  

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Star Wars MMO to ship before Christmas.

Bioware has finally nailed down a concrete release date for the long-awaited Star Wars MMO. At the Eurogamer Expo last week, Bioware co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic will launch on December 20 in North America and December 22 in Europe.

Posted September 26, 2011  

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MMORTS due out next year, will not be “pay-to-win”.

Trion Worlds’ free-to-play MMORTS is set to launch next year, Trion Worlds has confirmed. Trion community manager Lance James confirmed that End of Nations would be released sometime in 2012 at the Eurogamer Expo last week, but didn’t provide any details when asked by Eurogamer for a concrete date and beta schedule.

Posted September 23, 2011  

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City of Heroes Freedom

Opening up this week for former subscribers, next week for everybody else.

While active subscribers of the superhero MMORPG have been enjoying the F2P Freedom update in the VIP Headstart Program since September 13, this week marks the week inactive City of Heroes and City of Villains accounts are reactivated as Premium accounts. Meaning if you had a subscription with City of Heroes or City of Villains before, you’ll be able to jump into Paragon City and play the game free of charge starting this weekend.

Posted September 23, 2011  

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Closed beta for Valve’s online FPS coming as early as October.

While talking to theReticule during the Eurogamer Expo, Valve’s Chet Faliszek revealed that the closed beta for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would be coming in early October. According to the post, the closed beta will initially be limited to people who received beta keys during the Eurogamer Expo and gamers from the pro gaming scene, but will slowly expand until everybody, Chet hopes, can play the beta by the end of the year.

Posted September 23, 2011  

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Digimon Masters

Open beta to run from September 27 – October 11.

Joymax is skipping Digimon Masters Online’s closed beta and heading straight into open beta on September 27, the publisher announced Thursday. Beta participants of the Digimon MMO will get double EXP during the two-week long open beta, which will run from September 27 to October 11.