Posted September 22, 2011  


Dragon Nest

Action MMO officially launches in North America and Oceania next week.

After some months of beta testing, Nexon is finally ready to drop the beta tag and launch the game’s official service. The official launch, happening on September 28, will bring about more content, including new dungeons, skills, quests, a higher level cap of 32 and a new central town.

Posted September 19, 2011  

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Superhero MMO going F2P in late October.

DC Universe Online is following in Champions Online and City of Heroes‘s footsteps and making the switch to free-to-play in late October, Sony Online Entertainment has announced. The free-to-play update will remove the one-time purchase and monthly subscription fees currently required to play the game.

Posted September 15, 2011  

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Tribes Ascend

Closed beta for sci-fi shooter incoming.

Hi-Rez has announced that its free-to-play sci-fi shooter has opened the first phase of its closed beta sign-ups. The first closed beta test, set to begin in the coming weeks, will invite thousands of hand-picked testers to try out the highly anticipated sci-fi shooter.

Posted September 14, 2011  

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World of Battleships

Battleship MMO gets a base. has unveiled the official website for its upcoming naval battle MMO World of Battleships. Announced at Gamescom last month, World of Battleships is a historical action MMO based on naval battles of the 20th century.

Posted September 8, 2011  


Vindictus Xtreme

First closed beta to run from September 15 – 19.

It’s been a long time coming, but Vindictus, or rather, the “Xtreme” edition of Vindictus, has finally hit European shores. Gamers in Europe will get their first taste of the action MMO on September 15, when the game launches its first closed beta test in the region.

Posted September 7, 2011  

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r2 online

Two-week long pre-closed beta test starts today.

Back in June, I reported about R2 Online’s closed beta and later handed out what I thought were beta keys for the game. But it turns out that wasn’t the closed beta test, it was just what WEBZEN calls a “user test”, and the actual closed beta is still TBA. Though, if you want to give R2 Online a try, you can do so at the not-so-closed pre-closed beta test starting today.

Posted September 6, 2011  

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Rusty Hearts

Open beta for arcade-style dungeon crawler kicks off next week.

Rusty Hearts’ open beta will start on September 13, Perfect World Entertainment has announced. In preparation for the open beta, the closed beta test will end on September 8 at 2 PM PST.

Posted September 5, 2011  


Dragon Quest 10

Classic RPG’s 25th anniversary celebrated with the unveiling of Dragon Quest X Online.

Dragon Quest’s 10th installment will be an online RPG, Square Enix announced at a press conference yesterday. Dubbed “Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online” (or Dragon Quest X: Wake of the Five Tribes Online, depending on how you translate), the game is being developed for the Wii and Wii U and will be available next year.

Posted September 3, 2011  

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Fallen Earth

Post-apocalyptic shooter MMO goes free-to-play this October.

Fallen Earth’s F2P transition is happening on October 12, GamersFirst has announced. The F2P update will be implemented during a scheduled maintenance on the morning of October 12, and you’ll be able to scavenge the wasteland for free thereafter.