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Posted October 20, 2011  

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Lime Odyssey

More details on fantasy MMORPG revealed in new website.

It’s been a while since I last heard news about Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of Orta, a fantasy MMORPG from the makers of Ragnarok Online. Aeria Games on Wednesday replaced the game’s teaser site with a full-fledged official website, complete with heaps of new content and a new intro video.

Posted October 19, 2011  

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SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online

Kyrios and Psyco Gundam on the same map. You don’t even see that in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.

Gundam fans rejoice: OGPlanet has grabbed the publishing rights from Bandai Korea to publish SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online in North America. Developed by Softmax, SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online is a free-to-play third-person shooter featuring fast-paced action, a wide variety of customizable mobile suits, and missions based on scenarios from the Gundam series.

Posted October 18, 2011  

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Star Sonata 2
[ CLOSED ] Star Sonata 2’s closed beta is in full swing and I’ve got a hundred beta keys to hand out courtesy of the Star Sonata team. Get one while they last!

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Posted October 17, 2011  

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Conquer Online

Free-to-play MMORPG playable on Facebook.

The Facebook version of Conquer Online is up and running, TQ Digital has announced. The free MMORPG hopped onto the social network earlier last week, making its debut with an open beta test that runs until October 27.

Posted October 13, 2011  

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Free-to-play military FPS lands in Southeast Asia next month.

AVA SEA’s closed beta will kick off on October 21, with the official launch set for November 11, publisher Asiasoft has announced. AVA SEA will be made available through Asiasoft’s new PlayFPS platform, which is also host to other F2P shooters like S4 League, Warcry and Sudden Attack.

Posted October 12, 2011  

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Lineage II

Long running fantasy MMORPG gets a new way to play.

While announcing the coming launch of Lineage II’s “official service” in Europe, NCsoft dropped the bomb and announced that the long running fantasy MMORPG would go free-to-play.

Posted October 10, 2011  

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Tribes Ascend

Closed beta for free-to-play shooter coming next month.

Tribes Ascend‘s closed beta is set to start on Friday November 4, Hi-Rez Studios COO Todd Harris revealed during an audio interview spotted by Bluesnews last week. Ascend’s closed beta registration started last month and those who sign up stand a chance of getting picked for the beta. You can also gain access through contests and pre-ordering the game’s yet to be announced “VIP starter pack”.

Posted October 6, 2011  

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Neverwinter MMO

Neverwinter going MMO and free-to-play.

Like many of Cryptic Studios’ previous titles, Neverwinter will also go the way of free-to-play. The only difference this time is that Neverwinter will be built as a free-to-play game from the ground up, instead of hastily adapting a new business model in response to falling subscriptions.

Posted October 5, 2011  

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Blacklight Retribution

Closed beta for sci-fi shooter coming soon.

Perfect World Entertainment announced today that the Blacklight: Retribution closed beta will launch in two phases, the first phase will kick off on October 27 at 2PM PDT and end on October 30 at 7PM PDT. The second phase will kick off on November 10 at 2PM PDT and end on November 13 at 7PM PDT.