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Posted November 21, 2011  

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Lime Odyssey
I recently had the chance to interview Aeria Games’ release assistant Kevin Simmons on Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of Orta. In the interview Kevin Simmons shares his thoughts on what makes Lime Odyssey stand out and a few other things. Hop on after the cut to read the full interview.

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Posted November 19, 2011  

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Kabod Online

Kabod Entertainment’s fantasy MMORPG re-emerges.

It’s been over six months since Kabod Online ended its open beta, and now it looks like the game is finally ready for launch. Kabod Entertainment announced on Monday that the game will resume its global service “soon”, adding that some major improvements are also on the way.

Posted November 18, 2011  

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Webzen reveals 2012 lineup, launches new global portal.

Webzen revealed its global MMO lineup at the “2012 WEBZEN Global Publishing Media and VIP Users Invitation Meeting” last week. The titles confirmed for a 2012 release at the private meeting were C9, Arctic Combat, Archlord X and MU: eX700.

Posted November 18, 2011  

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Fallen Earth
[ CLOSED ] The wasteland can be a harsh place if you’re not properly equipped. That’s why you should grab yourself a GA-8 Sidearm. I have 2000 gift codes for the weapon up for grabs, courtesy of GamersFirst. By playing the game now, you’ll also be entered into a contest to win a MAINGEAR PC, in real life. Interested? Read on.

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Posted November 16, 2011  

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Post-apocalyptic MMORPG prepares for free-to-play relaunch.

Earthrise developer Masthead Stuidos announced on Tuesday that it’s waiving Earthrise’s subscription fees on December 1, 2011, in preparation for Earthrise’s transition into Free-to-Play early next year.

Posted November 11, 2011  

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Closed beta underway; prizes await participants.

War of the Immortals’ closed beta has officially launched, Perfect World Entertainment announced on Thursday. To celebrate, Perfect World Entertainment is giving players who sign in to the game between now and November 13 a chance to win Logitech gaming gear and a limited edition War of the Immortals mousepad.

Posted November 10, 2011  

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Free-to-play launch for sci-fi MMORPG coming early next year.

Star Trek Online will go free-to-play on January 17, 2012, Cryptic Studios has announced, a little later than previously expected. Current subscribers will start receiving 400 free Cryptic Points each month starting on December 1st on their “Anniversary Day”, which is the day in the month their accounts were first activated.

Posted November 10, 2011  

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Game of Thrones

Bigpoint gets another big IP.

Bigpoint is developing a free-to-play MMORPG based on A Game of Thrones, USA Today reports. The MMO project was revealed alongside two other new games based on A Game of Thrones, the first book in George R.R. Martin’s fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire.

Posted November 9, 2011  

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Total Recall MMO

Total Recall remake gets a video game tie-in too.

No, I’m not screwing with your mind, an MMO based on the Total Recall remake is indeed in the works. SEE Games and ZQGame announced on Tuesday a partnership to develop and publish a new browser MMO based on Columbia Pictures’ remake of the 1990 action blockbuster Total Recall.