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Posted August 16, 2011  

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Now where’s my World of Spacecraft and World of Mechs?

What would the world be without battleships? Probably boring. From the warmongers behind World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, comes World of Battleships, a free-to-play naval action MMO based on last century’s greatest naval battles. The game will feature a straightforward interface, easy controls and a “common economic system that will allow players to distribute resources between the three games for the ultimate progress in each of them. ”

Posted August 16, 2011  

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The Secret World

The secret of The Secret World’s release is out.

The Secret World’s release window is no longer a secret, as Funcom and EA jointly announced at the EA GamesCom press conference earlier today that the MMORPG is due out next April.

Posted August 16, 2011  

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Play a game within a game in Hedone.

F2P shooter Hedone’s closed beta is set to launch on August 24, ACONY has announced. Hedone is a F2P shooter where you fight for fame and glory in a “combat game show” that’s broadcast live around the world. In the game, you’ll customize your character’s appearance and upgrade your gears as you slowly rise to fame through the violent game show.

Posted August 15, 2011  


Dragon Nest

Open beta introduces guild system, trading house, affinity system and cash shop.

Following last month’s brief closed beta, Dragon Nest SEA’s going into open beta later today at 2:00 PM GMT+8 (which is around two hours from now). The open beta will bring along several new features like the guild system, trading house, affinity system and cash shop.

Posted August 15, 2011  

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Bright Shadow

Cash shop to be introduced; in-game items up for grabs in open beta event.

Fantasy MMORPG Bright Shadow’s open beta will kick off tomorrow, Gamania has announced. The open beta will start at approximately 00:00 PDT tomorrow, introducing the item shop along with some bug fixes.

Posted August 15, 2011  

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Virtual world set to go online next year.

RealU’s free MMORPG Otherland is planned for a spring 2012 closed beta, RealU and Gamigo told IGN in an interview earlier today. Being developed by RealU and jointly published by Gamigo and DTP Entertainment, Otherland is a sci-fi MMORPG based on Tad Williams’ popular novel series of the same name.

Posted August 12, 2011  

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Trion Worlds aiming for the best of both worlds.

Trion Worlds’ upcoming MMORTS End of Nations will be free-to-play, the publisher announced yesterday. Trion’s new game is being developed by Petroglyph Games, the company founded by ex-Westwood employees and behind notable free-to-play games like Mytheon and Rise of Immortals.

Posted August 11, 2011  

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Brawl Busters
[ CLOSED ] The closed beta starts today for Rock Hippo’s brawler MMO Brawl Busters. In case you need a closed beta key, we’ve got whole bunch of them courtesy of the Rock Hippo itself. Read past the jump to find out how you can get one.

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Posted August 10, 2011  


Vindictus XE

Xtreme version of Vindictus to debut at gamescom 2011 in Cologne.

Nexon will be unveiling Vindictus: Xtreme and Vindictus Europe at the gamescom 2011 in Cologne on August 17, offering playable demos of the game for those who visit Nexon’s show floor at Hall 9.1 Booth B021/C020.