Posted May 25, 2011  

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Ghost Recon Online
Ghost Recon goes free-to-play.

Ubisoft has announced Ghost Recon Online, a F2P military tactical shooter developed by Ubisoft Singapore. If you have ever played a Ghost Recon game before, you’ll probably know what to expect from this tactical, cover-based third-person shooter. The game features three playable classes, persistent character progression and in-depth weapon customization.

Posted May 24, 2011  

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Bounty Hounds Online

[ CLOSED ] Bounty Hounds Online’s first closed beta is starting soon (May 25, 2011 to be precise) and only 1000 lucky participants are invited to the test. But fortunately for all you sci-fi enthusiasts out there, InnoGames was kind enough to provide us with some beta keys to give to you guys.
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Posted May 24, 2011  

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Wizardry goes online.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Wizardry (Coincidentally, it’s also Wizardry 8′s 10th anniversary), Gamepot Japan announced on May 21st that it’s developing a new MMORPG based on the Wizardry IP, dubbed “Wizardry Online”.

Posted May 21, 2011  

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Open beta for MMO shooter starts next Monday.

Earlier this Wednesday, the day APB: Reloaded was supposed to begin its open beta, GamersFirst made a decision to postpone the test due to a bug that was causing some players to disconnect after one or two hours of play. The new patch (v1.5.1.85), scheduled to release on May 23, will ready the game for a public release and mark the beginning of the open beta.

Posted May 19, 2011  

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Hellgate London Resurrected.

T3 Entertainment, Redbana and HanbitSoft today jointly announced the relaunch of Hellgate, the shooter MMO from Flagship Studios that was discontinued by Namco Bandai Games back in 2009. According to the press release, closed beta for the now free-to-play shooter MMO will run from June 3 to 5, with the commercial launch expected later this year.

Posted May 18, 2011  

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Open beta for fantasy MMORPG starts tomorrow.

Asda 2′s open beta will be arriving on May 19, GamesCampus has announced. During the open beta, GamesCampus will be hosting a number of events such as “Race to Login”, “Soul Mate leveling” and “Daily Attendance”.

Posted May 15, 2011  

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Heroes of Thessalonica to open up to the public on May 17, 2011.

SgBase announced recently that the free MMORPG Heroes of Thessalonica will be pre-launching on May 17, 2011 at 2PM (GMT+8). The pre-launch follows the game’s alpha release, so you can think of this as a sort of open beta. During the pre-launch, the game will be open to all, and character data will be carried over to the official launch.

Posted May 12, 2011  

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[ CLOSED ] Good news for Picaroon players! The good folks at Nice Technology have sent us a bunch of access codes that you can use to test out the game’s latest Technology Centre feature. The new Technology Centre will grant you access to a whole new array of weapons and upgrades, including an orbital laser cannon and free specials. Sounds good? Read on to find out how you can get one.
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Posted May 12, 2011  

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Eden Eternal
New MMORPG from the makers of Grand Fantasia headed for closed beta next month.

Aeria Games has just announced that the closed beta for Eden Eternal will begin on June 2, 2011. Announced earlier in March, Eden Eternal is a fantasy MMORPG that lets you swap between 15 classes, build towns and play through various solo, 3-man and 5-man instances and raid dungeons.