Runes of Magic Gift Key Giveaway!

Posted on May 11, 2010  

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Runes of Magic

[ CLOSED ] To celebrate Runes of Magic’s release of The Elder Kingdoms expansion, the Runes of Magic team is giving away free gift codes. Each key code can be redeemed for one Special Experience Package, which will enable Runes of Magic players (and their friends) to reach higher levels faster so that they may experience the game’s newest features and areas!

What you’ll get in the Special Experience Package:

Runes of Magic Items

Update: We’ve run out of gift keys and are in the process of getting more keys, the giveaway event is thus closed until further notice. All pending requests will be answered once we get a new batch of keys from the good folks at Frogster, your patience will be much appreciated.

Update 2: Sorry, the Gift Key Giveaway event has officially closed and we’ll no longer be accepting new requests.

As usual, to get your hands on a Runes of Magic gift key simply submit an email to with the subject title “RoM Gift Key Request” and the gift key will be sent to you in a reply shortly.

Gift Key Redemption Instructions

1. Redeem your key on the Runes of Magic homepage by going to the “Redeem Key” link located on the side (or go to: and enter your account information and redeemable key, then click “Submit”.
2. Check your registered email address to find your gift code ID and password for your Special Experience Package.
3. Log into your account and character, then click the “Item Shop” button on the lower right hand side or press “/” key to open the Item Shop menu.
4. Click the “Redeem Voucher” button on the top left side of the Item Shop menu.
5. Enter the voucher ID and password. Check your Item Shop Backpack for your Special Experience Package and enjoy!

About Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is an award-winning fantasy MMORPG where players create powerful, dual-class characters and explore the exciting world of Taborea. With unparalleled customization and more than 2,000 quests, Runes of Magic sets a new standard for free-to-play titles and is sure to be popular for years to come.

For more information on Runes of Magic and the The Elder Kingdoms expansion, visit

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  • Aeleys

    fantastic, this is by far the best give away you have had! keep it up guys

  • Aeleys

    it would of been fantastic, if it was for EVERY user of RoM…not just the yanks. -.- way to try,then fail…


    NA stands for Not Available outside of US.

    • matt

      actually it means North America…

      • GOCOR

        Damn yank..! >:D

        • matt


        • matt

          : |

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  • NeoMotto95

    wow, those shields are fuckin huge

  • keith

    thanks for the free gifts!

  • Gondorf

    Thanks for the Gifts. It helps a lot.

  • DDD

    if you guys knew how much those are worth lol

  • rpggm

    No key yet, 15 minutes and counting.

    • Waiting for key

      yes, not key yet, waiting, waiting

      • Waiting for key

        I got my key. Thanks very much.

  • cinean

    no left key??? 🙁

  • shaver

    I emailed it 1.5 hrs ago and no reply yet. Beginning to sound more and more like a Frogster operation to me -.-

  • Zztop :O

    ha. All the sites are already out, Some of the sites were giving them away as long away as april 5th :O. They should have had this on there front page long long long ago Why was this JUST posted lol!?

  • Michele

    Yeah I just found out about it also.. are there any still available?

  • zenobe gramme

    tss america sux