Star Trek Online: Free-to-Play by Year’s End

Posted September 1, 2011  

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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online F2P confirmed; Torchlight and Neverwinter MMO release window revealed.

It’s no secret that Star Trek Online could go free-to-play, but an earnings call transcript discovered by one of Massively‘s readers confirmed the move. Speaking to Analysts, Perfect World Entertainment CFO Kelvin Lau revealed that Cryptic is in fact working on Star Trek Online’s free-to-play transition.

“In fact Cryptic is working on the free-to-play model for Star Trek Online. This is going to be launched by the end of this year as well. ” said Kelvin Lau.

Additionally, the Perfect World CFO also revealed that the Torchlight and Neverwinter MMO could launch between late 2012 and early 2013.

“Torchlight from Runic, as mentioned, I think the MMORPG version is going to be – is scheduled to be launched in late 2012 or early 2013, okay? For Cryptic games, Neverwinter, I think our schedule is going to – trying to launch the game in late 2012 or early 2013. ”

Check out the full earnings call transcript and official announcement for more information.

*Update: Cryptic has just revealed more information about the F2P version of Star Trek Online at

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  • ElectroMasterII


  • Rodrigo

    well i saw the gameplay videos of this game and i must say i am not impressed the game looks like old and with an arcade type action in my opinion compared to top space shooters by now as (black prophecy and eve)

    • iLLu

      black prophecy is the most boring space shooter ever, think this one will be better (top shooter hah)

    • So you have not heard about the combat system revamp, it will make it more shooter-like.
      p.s: black prophecy and eve online doesn't have ground combat, and dust 514 does not count.

  • I had a feeling in my guts that it was only a question of time before they went out with this news.
    Since Champions Online is doing incredibly well with being a free to play title, it might actually help Star Trek Online.

  • Tweed Shirt Wearer

    It's not that Champions Online is doing well, its that Cryptic was acquired by Perfect World Entertainment which is a F2P company.