You Can Now Play Guild Wars 2 For Free

Posted September 1, 2015  

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You Can Now Play Guild Wars 2 For Free

A new F2P option lets new players try out Guild Wars 2 for free.

ArenaNet announced last weekend that with Guild Wars 2’s first expansion Heart of Thorns launching soon, it is making the base game free for everyone.

“As we get ready to ship our first expansion for Guild Wars 2, we want to ensure that we keep the business model friendly and simple,” wrote ArenaNet President Mike O’Brien in the announcement. “So let’s be clear that when we say Guild Wars 2 is buy-to-play, we’re only asking you to buy one thing: the current release, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.”

“To accomplish that, we’ve already included the core game as a free bundle for anyone who buys Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. And today we’ll go a step further: we’re making the core game free for everyone. For anyone who’s been curious about Guild Wars 2, now you can just go to, download the game, and start playing.”

You can learn more about the differences between free and paid accounts by reading ArenaNet’s FAQ, or download the game right now via

  • Scott Seamone

    Oh yeah. So now that people who have spent what was is $60 for me to buy the game, has to spend another $60 for the expansion where now people who have not played the game at all can play for free? How about giving people who bought the game a week after it came out the expansion for free? So now it would seem that I bought-to-play a now free-to-play game with nothing to gain from it?

    • Hace Tres Iqus

      lol you posted complaint at wrong place mate :p
      Tell those words directly to their sites

      • Scott Seamone

        I already did. The 5+ million copies of Guild Wars 2 base game that have already been sold by the players still playing it, have to buy the expansion. Yes, let’s make our current customers spend more money and give the good stuff to the new players. GG. Never buying another arenanet product ever.

        • Zach

          you do realize they have massive restrictions in place right?
          They still want people to buy it

        • renee

          Yeah my husband and I have GW2 but haven’t played it in a long time.. I’m not paying for 50 bucks and that’s the min. for the standard on up to 100 for the ultimate Heart of Thorns pack…that’s some straight up BS.