Total Recall MMO Announced

Posted November 9, 2011  

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Total Recall MMO

Total Recall remake gets a video game tie-in too.

No, I’m not screwing with your mind, an MMO based on the Total Recall remake is indeed in the works. SEE Games and ZQGame announced on Tuesday a partnership to develop and publish a new browser MMO based on Columbia Pictures’ remake of the 1990 action blockbuster Total Recall.

The Total Recall MMO will be, according to the press release, a “rare and relatively new breed of full-3D browser-based games capable of rendering console-like graphics, characters and environments without the need for a client download.”

The game will be free-to-play, with micro-transactions containing a “hybrid of features from traditional MMOs and social games, such as PVP and PVE environments and a collaborative ‘memory quest’ system.”

The game is published by SEE Games and being developed by ZQGame, a ShenZhen-based game studio that previously worked on Shadowland Online and a number of social games unreleased outside of China.

In addition to Total Recall, SEE Games also holds the license to make online games based on War of the Worlds, Men in Black 3, Asterix, Michael Jackson and Waterworld. You can take a peek at the company’s portfolio here.

No release date for the Total Recall MMO has been announced, but the movie is scheduled to release on August 3, 2012. The game will likely go live at around the same time. Though, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for it being great.

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